Theresa Dorilas, President & Chief Executive Officer
Jim Bell, Vice President of Information Technology
Liz Coletta, Vice President of Retail Services
Tony Frattini, Vice President of Lending
Kelley Lauterhahn, Vice President of Risk Management
Kathleen J. Marre, Vice President of Human Resources
James Noonan, Vice President, Comptroller
Toni Arsenault, Assistant Vice President of Operations
Kimberly K. Gunville, Assistant Vice President of Branch Administration
Chester Wang, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology
Carla Browning, Information Technology Manager
Andrei Ganea, Loan Servicing Manager
Janet Hernandez, Consumer Loan Manager
Marcus Kelleher, Business Development Specialist
Donna Lanigan, Everett Branch Manager
Ellen Wilson, Quincy Branch Manager
Thomas Flaherty, Facilities Manager 

Mass Bay Credit Union Board of Directors

Jeremiah P. Ahern, Chairman of the Board

Adam S. Elias, First Vice Chairperson

Charles F. Gallagher, Second Vice Chairperson

Michael T. Buggy, Treasurer

Kimberly A. Kennedy, Assistant Treasurer

Darrin McAuliffe, Clerk

James A. Bain

Dorston R. Bartlett

Maureen Collins

Brian P. Dwyer

James G. Flaherty

Michael E. Keeley

John P. Kineavy

Joseph N. Mosca

Gregory D. York