Business Certificates of Deposit


Our CDs offer great competitive rates and are a great tool. By leveraging our many term lengths, your business can take advantage of both rising and falling interest rate climates to maximize your saving potential. When you believe rates will rise, use our short-term length CDs to keep upgrading to higher rates. When you believe rates may fall, use longer term lengths to lock in the current highs. And by using a “laddering” technique, you can open multiple CDs, staggering their maturity dates so that your business is always investing at the current highest rate.

When you switch your business banking to Mass Bay, you’ll not only find lower loan rates, fewer banking fees and higher deposit rates than most financial institutions, but also you’ll receive a level of personal service that truly sets us apart from the rest. We are not satisfied with merely offering services to our Members; we want to make sure each Member gets the right fit of services to their individual needs. Our small business banking experts are always available to meet with you to discuss your specific business needs and then develop the strategies and real solutions to take you where you want to go. Your success is that important to us, because we’re your Credit Union.