ATM Update

Published on 07/1/2017. Related articles: access

While Allpoint ATMs will no longer offer surcharge-free access in 7-Eleven® stores, Allpoint ATMs are still located in some of the most popular retail stores — places you already know, love and shop every day.  You can find Allpoint ATMs at these fine retailers, and many others...

Allpoint offers Mass Bay Credit Union members great, convenient access to cash from their accounts, surcharge-free at more than 55,000 retail and filling station locations nationwide. If you are out and about, chances are you are very close to an Allpoint ATM. Allpoint locations are easy to locate using our mobile app or the ATM Network page. And their convenient locations usually mean you don’t have to make a special trip or go out of your way to use one, to get surcharge-free cash from your Mass Bay account.