Alert: Enfact Phishing Incident

Published on 01/25/2013. Related articles: service alerts

Please be advised that phishing emails are being sent to individuals from ENFACT NOTIFICATIONS. Although ENFACT is a legitimate service provider for Mass Bay Credit Union ATM/Debit cards, the emails are not being sent by ENFACT.  In fact, ENFACT does not send emails to Mass Bay Credit Union members.The email directs recipients to click on a link that instructs them to install malicious software. At this time there is no evidence or indication that systems in our organization have been affected. Please take precaution and read the below steps.

If you have received this phishing attack via email, or if you receive it at any time from this point forward:

1. Do not open the email;

2. Do not click on the link contained in the email; clicking on any of the links contained in the email may install malicious software on your system;

3. If a link is clicked, Mass Bay Credit Union will immediately take your system off of the network;

4. Report the email to Mass Bay Credit Union;

5. Delete the email from your "Inbox" and "Sent Items;"

6. If you have inadvertently clicked on the link please notify us for assistance as soon as possible.