Kids Club


With all the fun gadgets and new fashions available today, it truly is hard to get kids to learn to save.  But as today’s economic times show, there has never been a time where saving is more important!  To help you teach your kids or grandkids to save, we’ve developed our new Kids Club Account for kids age 5 – 12.  Packed with fun information and incentives, an account for a child can be opened with as little as $5, and they receive a free gift when the account is opened. There are quarterly contests; and there’s even online games and activities.  It’s a great opportunity for you and for them. Open a Kids Club account today!

Explore And Play Online Games!

5-Spot™ (for ages 6-10) introduces important financial concepts by igniting a natural love of play with highly interactive games, stories and more.

  • Earn virtual money by playing games and reading stories; spend it decorating a personal virtual clubhouse
  • Practice saving, spending and sharing
  • Get familiar with Mass Bay Credit Union

Click the below logo and choose 5-Spot™ to start!