Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction


Have a paycheck or government check automatically deposited into your Mass Bay account every pay period, and you’ll get access to your funds faster and never need to wait in line at payday.


Saving money at Mass Bay is easy! Not only do we offer your great rates on savings accounts, money markets, and CDs, but also you can fund those accounts automatically and painlessly by having a set amount (that you choose) each pay period directed into your savings account with our free Payroll Deduction service. Before long, your business will have amassed a tidy nest egg – from money you forgot you had! You can also use our Payroll Deduction to pay off any Mass Bay loan. The payments will be deducted from your pay check for the specified term, and your loan will be automatically paid off! It’s just that easy!

When you do your banking with Mass Bay, you have unparalleled access to your accounts just about anytime and anywhere. Instead of you needing to find a branch, our remote and electronic banking services bring banking to you! With Mass Bay eServices, you can get your balances, make transfers, pay bills and withdraw cash – all without ever walking through our doors. You’ll save time, money and the environment when you use our eServices, making your life just that much less hectic and less cluttered!