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Financial Education

Your path to financial success starts here

At Mass Bay Credit Union we believe providing financial education to our Members is a part of a well-rounded banking experience. Managing day to day finances can be difficult, and taking time to proactively learn about how to improve your financial future is a project that many people put off.

As a free benefit of Membership, Mass Bay Credit Union Members only need to make a free call to our Partners at GreenPath to help you guide your current financial situation, or just planning for your financial future. If calling isn’t your thing, there are free financial education webinarsvideos, online courses, and a financial glossary you can access online from home. There are a plethora of financial literacy tools. There are so many ways we can help you manage your finances. Explore some of the ways we can help you below:     


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Explore webinars that touch upon a broad array of topics including student loan payments, housing guides, budgeting, credit scores and more. See below and learn all about these topics and how they may relate to you and your financial position. If you would like to view all of the available webinars, click here.

Building a Great Credit Score

Student Loans

Navigating a Housing Crisis



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With your Membership at Mass Bay Credit Union, you have access to a number of financial education videos to help navigate your financial lifestyle. If you would like to view all of the available videos click here.

Understanding Your Credit


Buying a House

Online Courses 

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Test your knowledge with one of our online courses. Credit scores, budgeting, home buying process and auto buying... learn and then test your knowledge with a fun quiz. 


Purchasing a home is one of the biggest, most rewarding purchases we make in our lives. However buying a home or refinancing a home has many different factors, and a lot of them can seem complicated. Having a plan to buy a home or refinance your house is a big first step and can help you in the long run. To learn more about the Home Buying Process and how you can get on the right track to buying a house, see below.

Mass Bay Mortgages

Buying a Home

Types of Mortgages

Home Appraisal

Home Equity


Credit Score means more than ever when it comes to making large purchases. Whether it be your home purchase or auto loan, these are some of the largest purchases you will make in your life. Which means understanding your credit score, what effects your credit score, and ways that you can increase your credit score can help you in many ways. Knowledge is key, and if you understand everything about your credit score you can learn why prioritizing it is in your best interest. To learn more about your credit score see below.

Review my Credit

Improve my Credit

How is my Credit Calculated?


Budgeting is an integral part of building a savings account. Without a plan and a vision on where you are going financially, it is merely impossible to save what you want. Segment your income into different areas and learn what you can and cannot spend on. If you make a budget, do your best to stick within its parameters and your savings results will show. To learn more about budgeting see below.

Mass Bay Savings

First Steps of Budgeting

What to Focus on

Family Budgeting

Teach Children to Budget


Managing debt is more important than ever. Dealing with debt may increase stress levels and decrease productivity in your everyday life. Getting on track to get rid of debt and creating a plan is the first step in lowering your debt. Learning how to deal with debt and decreasing debt will also help increase your credit score and thus increase your buying power when it comes to important purchases. To learn ways to try and help consolidate your debt see below.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Management Plan

Tips to Get out of Debt

Paying off Debt


Did you know as a Member at Mass Bay Credit Union you have FREE access to financial counseling? In these counseling sessions you will chat with a specialist who will listen to your position and suggest different tips for how to improve your financial standing. Budgeting, planning for the future and setting goals is just a snippet of what these counseling calls can achieve for you.

Talk With Greenpath

Eliminate Debt

Request a Call with Greenpath

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