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Branch Closure - Our branch at 409 D Street, Boston, will be closed the week of Oct 3-8.  The ITM and ATM will be available.  All other branches are open during normal business hours.


Loan Rates

All Rates and Terms are subject to change without notice.

Personal Loans

Term (in Months)
Payment Per $1,000*
Credit Card Rewrite 8.99%  48 $24.88  
Vacation/Holiday 7.49% 18 $58.91  
Personal Unsecured 8.99% 48 $24.88  
Lifestyle 7.80% 30 $36.80  

+APR= Annual Percentage Rate. *Qualification restrictions apply. Rates shown are lowest rate. Other rates and terms are available. Rate, term and approval based on credit worthiness.

New and Used Auto, Auto Lease Buy-outs, and Motorcycle Loans

4 Year Auto Loans

Car Type

Term (Months)


Payment per $1,000*

New < 25K miles 48 2.49%* $21.91
Used > 25K miles 48 2.74%* $22.02
2015 or older 48 7.74%* $24.29

5 Year Auto Loans

Car Type

Term (Months)


Payment per $1,000*

New < 25K miles 60 2.74%* $17.85
Used > 25K miles 60 3.24%* $18.08
2015 or older 60 8.24%* $20.39

6 Year Auto Loans

Car Type

Term (Months)


Payment per $1,000*

New < 25K miles 72 3.24%* $15.30
Used > 25K miles 72 3.99%* $15.64

+APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Maximum term for new auto and motorcycle loans is 72 months.

*APR includes a .25% discount for automatic loan payments. Qualification restrictions apply. Rates shown are lowest rate. Rate, term and approval based on credit worthiness.

10 & Done - 10 Year Fixed Home Loan Rates

Interest Rate  APR*  Term* Payment Per $1,000* Apply



  10 Years

(120 months)



*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.  Interest Rate and APR are subject to change without notice.  The APR is calculated based on a loan amount of $100,000 for a term of 10 years or 120 months.  Payments are $10.67 per $1,000 borrowed.  Owner occupied condos and single-family primary residences only.  Payment doesn’t include taxes, insurance, or HOA fees.  The actual payment obligation will be greater.  Maximum loan amount is $300,000.  The maximum LTV is 80% up to $200,000. The maximum LTV is 70% for loans over $200,000 up to $300,000. Loan must be in first lien position.  Other terms and restrictions apply including a 620 minimum credit score.  Proof of adequate property insurance required, and flood insurance may also be required.  Subject to credit approval.  $1,499 closing costs apply.  NMLS ID #615913.  Subject to membership eligibility, see our website for details.  


First Mortgages

View fixed or adjustable rate options.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Interest Rate APR+ Term Payment Per $1,000** Apply
Intro Rate 1.75% for 6 months then Prime minus 0.75%* 1.75% for first 6 months then 5.50%* 10 Year Draw/ 15 Year Repayment

$4.58 (Interest Only Period)

$8.17 (Repayment Period)


+APR= Annual Percentage Rate.

*1.75% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is an introductory rate for the first six months. After the introductory period, rate on the outstanding balances will revert to Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal on the first day of the calendar month minus (-) 0.75%. Prime rate as of 09/22/2022 is 6.25%. The APR may vary monthly. Minimum rate 2.50% and maximum rate 18.00%. 10 year draw period. 15 year repayment period. Minimum $10,000 draw at closing and $1,000 advances thereafter. The maximum LTV is 80% up to $200,000. 

** Payment per thousand based on minimum rate after introductory period.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

  Points Interest Rate APR+ Payment Per $1,000* Apply
5 Year Fixed Rate 0 4.750% 4.750% $18.76
10 Year Fixed Rate 0 5.125% 5.125% $10.67
15 Year Fixed Rate 0 5.375% 5.375% $8.10
20 Year Fixed Rate 0 5.625% 5.625% $6.95

+APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are based on annual percentage rate. Qualification restrictions apply.

*Payments do not include taxes & insurance, as result your payment may be greater. Your payment may be greater if the loan is secured by a first lien. Property insurance is required and Flood insurance may also be required.

Please contact Mass Bay Credit Union for your individual rate quote.

All loans are subject to membership eligibility. Current Rates - Effective September 27, 2022

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