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100% Local Lending and Servicing Teams

We work hard every day to show our current and future Members that we are The Right Home for Your Home Loan. We are just like you, we’re local people and we appreciate local personalized service. We know that you want to borrow locally and when you need service, you want to be assisted right here in your local communities.

Fast, Easy, Local Mortgages

We can help you in many ways… you can start by applying online, or you can check out our Mortgage Rates and give us a call at 617-269-2700, or if you prefer, you can visit our Mortgage Origination team at our South Boston office where there is a LOT of easy parking.

Mortgage Rates Today

With a variety of Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgage products, we offer a variety of interest rate options for your unique home loan needs:

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Lock in a great low rate with payments you know you can make today and tomorrow, with one of our low-cost fixed rate mortgage loans. With our flexible terms you can tailor your loan to the monthly payment you can afford! Our application process is one of the easiest around, and you know you won’t be overcharged when it comes to closing costs. You can apply at our South Boston Branch or Online.

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Looking for a lower rate? An adjustable rate mortgage may be the right solution for you. Adjustable rate loans can be beneficial for Members looking for a lower initial rate or those who might only be staying with a property a few years. At Mass Bay, we can help you to determine the right loan for you and help you make the best, most informed choice possible.

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For many, buying a first home may be the most challenging financial transaction they will face in their lifetime. With so many decisions to be made it can seem like a real sink-or-swim proposition. At Mass Bay, we can help first-time buyers feel more comfortable with the process. Our individualized services can help you take the guesswork out of determining what you can afford. Just call us, visit our South Boston Branch or go online and we’ll get you going.

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When it comes to borrowing money for a new home or using your home as collateral to finance another expense, you want to be sure that you are dealing with a lender you can trust. For more than 80 years, Mass Bay has been meeting Member loan needs in a fair and upfront manner, and that has made us one of the most trusted lenders around. For the best loan that fits your individual situation, just call us, stop by or apply now. We’re always here to help.

Because they are secured by the equity built up in your home, Home Equity Loans can be the least expensive way to pay for things you need. At Mass Bay, we have various Home Equity Financing options to choose from, at rates that let you afford more.


A low fixed rate Home Equity Loan from Mass Bay may be the right option for your home improvements, education costs, and large purchases. With flexible terms, our fixed rate loans let you know exactly how much you'll need to repay every month so you can fit it comfortably into your budget. You can even use one of our convenient auto payment options to make recurring payments each month.


For those expected and unexpected expenses that you know are on the horizon such as vacations, furnishings, home repairs, miscellaneous education expenses and more, we are happy to offer our very flexible Home Equity Line of Credit. Simply, you qualify for a specific amount and a length of term. Then you may draw as much of it as you like, whenever you like, to pay for expenses as they occur.

The competitive low rate may adjust monthly based on changes to the WSJ Prime Rate, but there is a rate cap and floor. Your minimum monthly payments are low and you only pay interest on what you draw. There is no added annual or monthly fees resulting in higher costs. 

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